Take the Next Step in Your New Construction Project

Leave your new roof installation to our team in Omaha, NE

Installing a new roof doesn't need to be a stressful task to complete. The pros at SBC Roofing are proud to provide everything from new roof installation to roof replacement services in Omaha, NE. From the initial inspection to the final cleanup, our crew will complete every step of your roofing project correctly. You just have to tell us which type of roofing you want us to install.

Wondering whether our services will fit within your budget? Request a free estimate today to find out. You can reach us at 402-505-8183.

Choose the right roofing for your property

Every property owner has different priorities when it comes to choosing materials for their new roof installation. For example, if you want to install roofing that:

  • Complements your building’s color scheme, choose from a wide range of asphalt shingle styles
  • Lasts for years and requires minimal maintenance, consider choosing metal shingles
  • Can act as an additional outdoor living space, hire us to install a flat roof

Need help replacing an old roof that’s been damaged beyond repair? Our crew can do that too. Make an appointment with us today to schedule roof replacement services.